Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great news to all the Facebook (FB) Members!!

Secret Garden is having a SALES to all the FB members.
All the FB members are entitle 10% discount for all the items and postage is waived during the offer period.

Hurry up, Don't miss the offer!!
The offer period will start from 18/6/2010 to 18/7/2010.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Special Offer - SGD028


Stock Code: SGD028
Sailor design. Casual and comfortable. With Lining

Color: Green
Size: Free
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Bust : 84cm, Waist : 72cm, Length: 80cm

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Stock Code: SGT050

Sweet and lady like top. You can match with a short skirt, pant or legging.

Color: Purple
Size: Free
Material: Chiffon
Measurement: Shoulder Width: 33cm, Bust: 90cm, Sleeve Length: 58cm, Back Long Length: 64cm
Price: RM47.00


Stock Code: SGT048
Sweet and simple top. Inner included

Color: Peach
Size: L
Material: Chiffon (inner included)
Measurement: Shoulder Width: 38cm, Bust: 92cm, Sleeve Length: 30cm, Back Long Length: 57cm
Price: RM46.00

Saturday, April 24, 2010

*New Opening* - SGD045

Stock Code: SGD045

Sweet little black dress with floral print. A "V" cutting rounded with chiffon at the chest give us a sexy thought. With lining and zip at the left side. The bracelet is included.

Color: Black
Size: S
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Shoulder Width: 22cm, Bust: 76cm, Waist: 66cm, Back Long Length: 80cm, Hip: 96cm, Hem Width: 116cm
Price: RM35.00

*New Opening*-SGD044

Stock Code: SGD044

Special design on the sleeve. It is a easy matching dress with all the accessories, eg belt, scarf or necklace .

Color: Dark Brown
Size: M
Material: Cotton
Measurement: Shoulder Width: 96cm, Length: 84cm, Hem Width: 96cm
Price: RM54.00

*New Opening*-SGC043

Stock Code: SGC034

2 pieces with sailor design. Casual and comfortable. You may purchase the top and the dress separately. Top is stretchable and with padding. For dress, belt included.

- Top: Blue; (Sold Out)
- Dress: Light Blue
Size: Free
- Top: Cotton Lycra (with padding);
- Dress: Denim (belt included)
- Top: Bust : 63cm, Length: 47cm, Hem Width : 80cm
- Dress: Waist: 68cm, Length: 38cm, Hem Width: 104cm
- Top: RM35.00
- Dress: RM33.00
- Top+Dress: RM63.00

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*New Opening* - SGD039

Stock Code: SGD039
Special design at the collar and the front part. You may match with the legging too!!

Color: Dark green
Size: Free
Material: Silk cotton (with lining)
Measurement: Bust : 110cm (loose), Shoulder: 50cm, Length: 75cm, Hem Width: 96cm
Price: RM56.00

*New Opening* - SGD038

Stock Code: SGD038

The Maxi dress with bold gingham checks for a chic and this always give us a casual look.

Color: Purple, Red
Size: Free
Material: Silk Cotton
Measurement: Bust : 82cm to 98cm (stretchable), Length: 137cm
Price: RM68.00

Friday, April 16, 2010

*New Opening* - SGD037

Stock Code: SGD037
It is 9 to 9 dress??!! You may wear to work with a jacket/ blazer on. After five, you may wear to happy hour without the jacket/ blazer. Unique dark green.

Color: Dark green
Size: Free
Material: Velvet
Measurement: Bust : 66cm to 75cm (stretchable), Long Length: 59cm
Price: RM43.00